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If you are paying your waterbill after 4:30 on the day before shut-off, you will need to add the $40 to your bill to avoid your water being shut-off


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The South entrance will remain CLOSED due to construction. Please continue to use the DRIVE-UP WINDOW.

Water Conservation



Everyone Can Help 


Water conservation is something we all should practice. Except for the air we breathe, water is the single most important element in our lives. It's too precious to waste. Here are some useful facts and simple suggestions that will help you understand more about water. They can help you save hundreds, even thougsands of dollars.


The bathroom is where you can make the most substantial reduction in your personal water use. About 50% of the water used in an average home is used in the bathroom, mostly for flushing toilets and for showers and baths. a lot of that water may be going to the sewer needlessly, adding to the volume of sewage and putting extra burden on treatment plants as well.


General Tips  


  • A single dripping faucet can waste far more water in a single day than one person needs for drinking in an entire week. Fix a dripping faucet immediately. Check every faucet in the house for leaks.


  • Toilets are notorious for their hidden leaks. Leaks occur when the toilet is out of adjustment or when parts are worn, so it is important to check periodically. Most leaks are at the overflow pipe or plunger ball. Learn more about hidden leaks.


  • Turn off the water while brushing teeth or shaving. Running water during that time wastes more than what one person needs for drinking for a week.


  • Always be sure to have a full load when running your dishwasher since it uses the same amount of water, whether full or not. Adjust the water level on your washing machine when doing smaller loads. You will not only be conserving water, but energy and electricity as well.


Click here to see how much water can be lost from a dripping faucet!



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