Water & Sewer Department




Wastewater Treatment (Sewer) Plant

16696 Mill Road

Georgetown, IL  61846


Ed Hitt, Operator in Charge

Thad Crispin


The City of Georgetown pumps it's water from two wells in an aquifer in Cayuga, Indiana. There it receives the required chemicals and is monitored for the correct requirements.  The water is then pumped 12 miles to Georgetown in a 16 inch pipe to the water tower supplying 500,000 gallons of water through a myriad of underground main lines to over 1,500 homes and business in the Georgetown area.


Once used, the water must again be treated to allow for its introduction back into the environment. This process is accomplished at the Pollution Control Facility on Mill Street in Georgetown. Here the water is treated by a bacteriological process and detention to remove impurities.  After treatment the reclaimed water is discharged into Ellis Branch Creek. The Wastewater Department is regulated by the United States EPA and Illinois EPA.