Streets and Alleys

Water Tower

Water Tower

City Garage

6917 Old Dam Road

Georgetown, IL 61846


Rusty Noggle, City Superintendent

Jack Flynn

Brandon Meeker

Zackary Winters

John Patterson, Part-Time Seasonal

Jay  Pickett, Part-Time Seasonal

Cohen Cavanaugh, Seasonal

The Streets & Alleys Department has two distinctly different functions that are of equal importance to the City.  


Streets & Alleys   The department is responsible for the maintenance of:

  • Public streets, alleys, sidewalks and parking lots  
  • Public buildings and grounds
  • Parks and public trees
  • Maintenance and repair of public vehicles and equipment
  • Installation and repairs of City owned signs 
  • Snow removal


Water Distribution   The department is responsible for water distribution through miles of underground water lines to the City's 1,500+ water meters:  

  • Read water meters on a monthly basis
  • Install and maintain water lines and meters
  • Fire hydrants and water mains


In Case of Snow Emergency 

It is the responsibility of all vehicle owners/operators to remove their vehciles from city streets, alleys and rights-of-way prior to snow accumulation of 2 inches or more without advance notice from the city police department and/or public works department.  All vehicles in violation will be subject to tow and impound, resulting in a fine assessed by the city plus any towing and/or impound charges.