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          Ordinance 2020-081

              Water Pollution Control Loan Program

          Ordinance 2020-082

              Public Water Supply Loan Program


        Referendum Question Petition Form


           Ordinances passed by Council


   Ordinance # 2020-087

Accept Property Bids


Ordinance #2020-089

Council Compensation


Resolution #2020-090

2021 Holidays Observed


Ordinance #2020-091

2020 Tax Levy


Ordinance #2020-092

Abatement of Series 1997 Bonds


Ordinance #2020-093

Partial Abatement of Series 2013B Bonds


Ordinance #2021-096

Water Rate Increase




Georgetown Dam

For: Yard Waste ONLY

The gates will be open on
Wednesdays 8:00am-2:00pm

and on the first and third weekends
of each month from

8:00am Friday - 8:00am Monday

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